Travel Thailand – Phuket


Phuket is a tourist island in Thailand. The island was hit by severe natural disasters, the tsunami in 2004. The natural disaster claimed thousands of casualties and damaging some of the beauty of this tourist island. Nowadays Phuket has recovered from the disaster that happened to him and has again become one of Thailand’s prime tourist spot.

Island tour predominantly Buddhist offering outstanding natural landscape with warm water and clear, making it one of the most popular beach resorts in Asia. Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand, Nanum island of 576 square KM is still smaller when compared to Singapore.

Geographically, most of the Phuket area is mountainous. The mountainous region covers approximately 70% of the total area of the island. Approximately 60% of the Phuket area is forests and plantations. With a tropical climate, Phuket has two seasons, dry and rainy seasons. 

The rainy season usually occurs in May to October, while the dry season there in November to April with an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius sektiar when cold, and around 29 degrees Celsius in the summer time. 

Since the 1980s, the area is already being developed as a tourist area by the Thai government. Until now, new hotels and resorts continue to emerge in Phuket. In addition to resorts and hotels, many villas and private houses were built on the island that has been named as one of the best retirement destination. Currently there are thousands of pensioners from various countries living in Phuket. 

How to Achieve Phuket 

To achieve Phuket, there are three ways, namely using air, sea and land. Phuket has an airport that is located in the northern part of the island. The airport serves a variety of routes, including from Indonesia direct to Phuket. Flights from Indonesia serviced by AirAsia airline route from and to Jakarta, as well as from and to Denpasar. 

Air lines reach Phuket is usually the most inexpensive when compared to other means. You can get cheap tickets from Jakarta to Phuket for around 600,000 Rupiah with the long journey of about 3 hours.

Sea lanes is also one way of achieving Phuket travelers love. By boat from the mainland of Thailand, you will reach Phuket in about 1 hour. The trip to Phuket by ship usually quite fun for those who like to enjoy the atmosphere of the sea, but in windy conditions, the vessel can sway enough to make some people dizzy.

Land is another option that can be taken tourists to reach these attractions. This pathway is usually less desirable because it takes a long time. You can use the bus from the terminal in Bangkok until the terminal in the city of Phuket. This bus trip will take about 13 hours so that in addition to spending time, will also be very tiring. 


Phuket is an island that is big enough so you will need adequate transportation when you have arrived in Phuket. Public transportation around Phuket are minimal, so you’ll use a lot of taxis. There are four types of taxis in this area:

  • Tuk-tuk: Vehicle Thai specialties, but in Phuket tuk-tuk has four wheels, not like in Bangkok which has 3 wheels.
  • Taxi meter: Taxis common with sedan car, use the meter to determine the price
  • Unofficial taxis: ordinary vehicles used to transport passengers
  • Motorcycle Taxis: Taxis are using motorcycles

It is strongly recommended to use the taxi meter because besides comfortable and secure, the price is not expensive. However, the taxi meter is often difficult to come by if you do not book in advance. In addition to the bustling holiday season, most of the taxi meter would prefer not to use the meter. My advice, take note of the telephone number on the taxi meter provider as you will need it later. 

Tuk-tuk is a vehicle that is unique and can not be found in other countries, but they do not use the meter to determine the cost of the trip. Often the price of a tuk-tuk ride is much more expensive than the cost of a taxi meter. 

I recommend avoid using tuk-tuk because besides less convenient, the price is also expensive and, according to local people, tuk-tuk mafia operated by Thailand. If you must use a tuk-tuk, arrange a price before boarding the vehicle. 

Unofficial taxis are common vehicle used for transporting passengers Phuket residents. Taxi this type do not use the meter, but uses the price can be negotiated up dahlu before departure. Often the price offered is quite expensive, even more expensive than a tuk-tuk ride, but the vehicles used are usually more comfortable than tuk-tuk. 

Motorcycle taxis are the cheapest transportation in Phuket. Motorcycle taxi indistinguishable from regular motor by looking at the driver. Motorcycle taxi drivers usually use a jacket or vest that has a number. This kind of transportation is less advisable if you want to travel so far because it is less convenient. However, 

if you just want to do a short trip in the city, motorcycle taxis is suitable. 
Additionally, you can also choose to rent a vehicle and drive. If you want to rent a car, my advice avoid jeep-type vehicles. Driving habits of local communities is also very bad, many of those who violate traffic rules, therefore, be careful on the road. 

Places in Phuket

  • Patong Beach: Beach waves ramps with great luamyan. This beach is the most famous beach in Phuket which has an atmosphere similar to Kuta Beach, Bali. On the side of the beach there are many hotels lined up and crowded with tourists.
  • Kamala Beach: Beach with a quieter atmosphere of Patong Beach. Not along the coastline of Patong Beach, the number of hotels and tourists are also less.
  • Bang La Road: The road at night just reserved for pedestrians, nightlife center of Phuket. There are also souvenir shops along this street.
  • Phuket Island Safari: The place to enjoy typical animals of Thailand. You can ride an elephant and see the animal attractions here.
  •  Simon Cabaret Show: The show is very popular in Phuket, featuring many men who are dressed like a woman.
  • The Big Buddha: Giant Buddha statue that was built on the highest hill Phuket.
  • Wat Chalong: ancient temple with interesting architecture.
  • Phuket Old Town: The old houses with architecture of antiquity.
  • Phuket FantaSea: Performing cultural attractions of Thailand.
  • Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World: Museum and the breeding of butterflies and other insects.
  • Phuket Aquarium: Aquarium giant place to see marine life Phuket.
  • Crocodile Farm: The view thousands of live alligators.
  • Phuket Fishing Park: Fishing huge variety of freshwater fish.
  • Prom Thep Cape: the southernmost point of Phuket, a place to see the beautiful scenery.
  • Siam Safari Nature Tours: Trekking up the forest elephant.
  • Central Festival: Mall which offers a range of branded goods, is located in the city of Phuket.
  • Jungceylon: Mall in Patong Beach, a luxury shopping center nuanced.