Hanging intriguing place Saturday night in Bekasi


Looking for a place to hang out nights a week in the city of Bekasi is not difficult, many places of fun and exciting to just hang out with friends or it could be a couple. There are several places around Bekasi Rawalumbu especially suitable for in coming and certainly convenient to just casual chatting with your best friend or family.

1). Roti Bakar Dan Pisang Bakar

This place is located on the highway scout fields adjoining the restaurant, the main menu is served in this place is toast and roasted banana in such manner or can serve with chocolate and guaranteed definitely feels good. The price of food here is quite affordable ranging from Rp 15,000 / portion.

2). Rumah Nyonya

The lady of the house is one cafee and restaurant located on the highway scout exactly side by side with Alfamidi and dealing with Rawalumbu gas station, presenting a dynamic place is perfect to visit with your family or partner.

3). Kedai Susu Mas Bro

Is one of the places that enjoy doing the young people are citizens of Bekasi since seen the place is always crowded with visitors especially on every night of the week at this place flooded sure buyers. The mainstay presents the main ingredients of cow’s milk in the message can be too cold or hot.

The visitor is provided a carpet or mat to sit in one place that has been provided, and there are also small tables for serving drinks that are already in the message by the visitors, the place is located on a  residential street Rawalumbu precisely in bridge 5 Rawalumbu Bekasi.

4). Warung Coffe

For you fans of Coffe maybe this place is not foreign anymore, because this place is a hangout place that can provide a coffe from various places in Indonesia can be found here. Besides hangout manager of this place is also often hold watch together a football game like the World Cup or other championship.

5). Kedai Muda

The Kedai Muda  is a hangout which opened a few months ago, providing a wide range of juice drinks and food and the price is certainly relatively cheap and affordable by the pocket schoolboy. Every night of the week the place is always crowded in the visit young people, in addition there are also a variety of foods that are ready seefood treat lovers of seafood.

The place is located close to the highway Narogong fork in the road towards housing beautiful Narogong Rawalumbu bekasi dealing with alfamart, wide enough for parking four-wheeled vehicles can reach 5 to 6 vehicles.

So a few places in the area, especially around housing Rawalumbu Bekasi and hopefully one of the above to be the target for a visit with friends, family or couples.