10 Places in British Mandatory Visited


Places in British Mandatory Visited – Actually not The Changcuters the hell wants to go to London,(Indonesia Band) because many of you are the traveler who definitely want to set foot in London. London itself seems to have a magnet for the traveler, ranging from Big Ben, the typical London red bus, until the red telephone box. But you need to know that not only London just an interesting place to visit in the UK.

Want to know any kind of tourist attractions in the UK an attractive place to visit? Here are reviews of 10 sites in the UK you must visit: 

1. The Cotswolds

Cotswolds is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the UK. This area is famous village built with honey-colored limestone with a beautiful view. Cotswolds itself is often used as a filming location British as ‘The Casual Vacancy’, ‘Wolf Hall’, and ‘Poldark’.

There are many interesting places you can visit in the Cotswolds for tourist attractions in the UK have had the rare chalk grasslands, old beech forest, combined with classical buildings such as the ancient city of Castle Combe, Chipping Norton, and Tetbury. This place is a tourist location is perfect for those who want to feel the sensation of adventure by walking or cycling. 

2. Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a medieval castle built by William the Conqueror in the year 1068. This building is the most famous portrait of military architecture of the 14th century. This building was originally used as a fortress until the 17th century, later converted into a country house belonging to the family Greville.

After 1978, the castle was sold to media and entertainment companies, then used as tourist attractions. Castles that have become tourist attractions in the UK is visited by more than half a million tourists annually. 

3. Lake District National Park

Located in the west of the north of England, specifically in the area of Cumbria, the Lake District is the largest national park in the UK. The main attraction of the tourist attractions in the UK this is the lake and the mountains and hills carved by glacial erosion resulting in a dramatic and inspiring. It is also a major destination for hiking and mountain climbing in the UK. This park has been visited by more than 14 million tourists from the UK and outside the UK.

4. Eden Project 

Eden Project is a collection of unique forest biome which contains a stunning collection of diverse plants around the world. Eden Project is located in a mine reclamation area in Cornwall. The complex consists of a large dome that looks like a huge igloo-shaped greenhouses.

In each there is a glass dome plant species different from the tropical climate and the Mediterranean. Eden Project operates from 09:00 am to 18:00 pm during the summer and will be amended in accordance with the change of seasons. 

5. Tower of London 

Starting from prison, a palace, a treasury, an observatory, and a menagerie, all of these functions had been performed by the Tower of London. Tower of London is regarded as the most important building in the UK and has also been listed as a world heritage site. 

The core of this building is the White Tower was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror. The white tower is a place of amazing exhibits like Line of Kings featuring the history of British genealogy work and various royal armor. In addition, there are other exhibits such as the Crown Jewels, Yeoman Warder Tours, Royal Mint, and others. 

6. Durham Cathedral 

Durham Cathedral is located in the city of Durham, northeast England. Durham Cathedral is the greatest Norman building in England and also one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. The building has a beautiful classical architecture with the layout of the rooms were amazing. In a nationwide BBC poll held in 2001, Durham Cathedral was chosen as the best and most beloved buildings in the UK. 

7. York Minster  

York Minster is one of the largest Gothic Katerdal in northern Europe. The church is the highest in England and became the cathedral for the Diocese of York. The building with gothic architecture typical thick British was built since 1230 and was completed in 1472. “Great East Window” is in Katerdal is the largest expanse of stained glass from the Middle Ages. 

8. Windsor Castle 

Windsor Castle is located about an hour’s drive to the west of London. Windsor Castle is often referred to as the castle building the largest and oldest in the world. This is one of the official residences of Queen Elizabeth II, in which he spent a lot of time on weekends. He also uses the place has a mix of victoria style architecture, georgian, and gothic as a personal entertainment and the interests of the state. 

9. Big Ben 

It seemed not afdol if to England but not taking the time to visit Big Ben. Big Ben itself is a landmark of the city of London, which had about 150 years old. The name Big Ben actually refers to the clock tower, but the bell weighing 13 tons, located in the tower. Big Ben also became a symbol of England and London and has performed in many films, one of which is the film Mars Attack! 

10. Stonehenge 

Stonehenge is a tourist place in the UK that you should not miss and is one of the most important prehistoric sites in the world. Stonehenge was built by a culture of people who did not leave written records in the manufacturing process, so that raises a lot of debate.

The results showed that the mysterious large stones was founded around the year 2500 BC. There is no definite reason why Stonehenge was built, but many historical sources concluded that Stonehenge was a monument used as a religious ceremonial center.