10 Places in Australia Mandatory Visited


Australia is a land of dreams with the famous Aboriginal Dreamtime legends. As one of the largest islands in the world’s smallest continent at the same time, Australia is a land of startling contrasts and spectacular sights. You can explore a multicultural city, a safari in the vast sand island, trekking through the ancient rainforest to enjoy the beauty of the underwater at the Great Barrier Reef. Want to know any kind of tourist attractions in Australia that should be visited? Here’s a list of 10 sites in Australia that you should not miss:

1. Cable Beach, Broome 

Cable Beach is located in Broome, Western Australia, and is considered the most popular tourist attractions in the state. Cable Beach is an amazing beach, with fine white sand, blue expanse of the Indian Ocean, and the sunset views of the exotic. The beach is also famous for the facilities along the beach with a camel ride. Afraid to ride a camel? You can choose instead of motorized transportation to cross the sand with four-wheel-drive. 

2. Fraser Island, Queensland 

Fraser Island is beautifully located in Queensland and is listed as one of the world heritage, and is the largest sand island in the world. The island offers views of the rain forest, dunes, sand cliffs, and more than 100 freshwater lakes.

One more unique tourist attractions in Australia is that you can see the view shipwrecks rusty. Fraser Island is claimed to be the island’s most pristine in all of Australia, because the island is not terkontamiansi by many humans and dogs are the main inhabitants of this island. 

3. Great Ocean Road, Victoria 

Great Ocean Road is located in the state of Victoria and is regarded as one of the tourist attractions in Australia’s most beautiful. The main activity here is drives a trip by car. These drives starting from Torquay is situated about 100 km from Melbourne, and ends at Allansford.

With this service, you will travel as far as 243 km with treats views of the southwest coast of the beautiful Victorian and some amazing scenery in Australia, including The Twelve Apostles. There are also a number of places along the Great Ocean Road where you can see some of the famous wildlife of Australia as kangaroos, fur seals, and emu. 

4. Purnululu National Park 

Located in the east of Australia, Purnululu National Park is home to one of the most unique tourist attractions in Australia, known as the Bungle Bungle Range. Bungle Bungle Range is the dome of sandstone with a striking orange and black stripes to resemble a large beehive.

Surprisingly, this site is only known by the Aboriginal and local farmers who later became famous after a documentary made in this area in 1983. Because of Purnululu National Park is located in a fairly remote area, there are two camp camp reserved for the tourists. 

5. Blue Mountains National Park 

Blue Mountains National Park is located in New South Wales, about 80 km west of Sydney. It lies close to the largest city in Australia has made a beautiful garden has become a favorite tourist destination for tourists. The most famous of this national park is the Three Sisters, a rock formation that rises 900 meters above the Jamison Valley. Blue Mountains National Park is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy adventure travel or enjoy the adrenaline rush activities such as rock climbing and abseiling. 

6. Whitsunday Islands 

Whitsunday Islands is a stunning collection of 74 islands located in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Tourist attractions in Australia are the perfect location for those who want to explore the colorful underwater life by snorkelling or scuba diving. One of the best parts of the Whitsunday Islands is a beach called Whitehaven Beach. Australian beach offers white sand blinding. This archipelago is a choice tourist sites in Australia are very suitable for you who are looking for a happy holiday atmosphere and colorful in a beautiful tropical island. 

7. Kakadu National Park 

Situated in the north of Australia, about three hours north of Darwin, Kakadu is the largest national park in Australia. There are many things you can enjoy in the park, including Aboriginal artworks are estimated to have more than 20,000 years old. The park is also home to many different species of wildlife including wallabies, dingoes, and crocodiles. Moreover, here too there are a variety of bird species typical of Australia. 

8.  Ayers Rock 

Ayers Rock is one of the world monolid and has become one of the best tourist attractions in Australia. Ayers Rock is located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Northern Territory. Super large sandstone formations at a height of more than 340 meters. One of the uniqueness of this stone is that there will be a dramatic color changes at sunset from terra cotta to blue, purple, and red. Local Aboriginal people, known as the Anangu, Uluru rock called it and regard it as a sacred place. 

9. Great Barrier Reef 

Great Barrier Reef is a paradise for divers and lovers of the underwater world. Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef formations located in the Coral Sea. Great Barrier Reef area covers more than 2,900 coral reefs and hundreds of islands. The best way to explore the Great Barrier Reef is to use one of the many cruise ships that sail along the coast of northern Queensland. Cairns city is regarded as the main gateway to this place. 

10. Sydney Opera House 
Sydney Opera House has been considered as one of the best works of architecture of the 20th century, built by architect Jørn Utzon. The building was built as a reflection of the image of a large sailing ship. Each year, the Sydney Opera House was the host of the 1500 show interesting. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Sydney Harbour and the Royal Botanic Gardens, the famous Opera House in Sydney is one of Australia’s most famous landmarks.